Exceeding expectations
of presentations

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the creativity and magic that can be achieved with videos made in PowerPoint. You won’t be able to tell the difference between videos made the ‘traditional’ way and ours.

Reaching new horizons with PowerPoint

Just as our presentations enable the broadening of perspectives, we take great delight in expanding peoples’ horizons as to what’s possible with PowerPoint.

From storyboarding to voiceovers, we’ve got all the crucial elements covered. We work closely with you to ensure your message is conveyed persuasively and that everything flows naturally and harmoniously.

Creating a video to engage 4 different industries in 3 different regions is no easy task, but HALO provided great assistance and communication throughout the process to provide a comprehensive video with the right voice and tone that is visually powerful.

Michael Owsley, Marketing Manager

The value of video

Video creation can be very expensive to produce and require many resources (i.e. videographers, filming equipment, lighting, actors, location/studio costs, etc..).

That’s where PowerPoint videos come in.

They’re cost-effective, impactful and relatively simple to produce. Being built in PowerPoint also means they’re more easily editable for any last-minute changes.

Whatever your video needs are – corporate brand videos, services videos, product videos and more – we’re here to help.

Snapshot of our latest work