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We think every presentation has the power to change minds. Our creative expertise blends creativity, strategy, functionality and animation to achieve results that you might have never imagined possible.

“Halo Present are a wonder of PowerPoint. They make our presentations look so professional an engaging. But what we really love about working with the team is that they’re able to quickly interpret and understand our brief to make the end result better than we could ever have anticipated. When you’re busy and you work with people who ‘just get it’, it makes getting a project out the door that much easier.”

Helen Halahan | Head of Marketing, Woods Valldata

Presentation types

From sales presentations and business plans to interactive decks and everything in between, we are a one-stop shop for all of your dynamic presentation needs.

Sales presentation

In a competitive business environment, a captivating presentation sets you apart, and can leave a lasting impression.

We can help you create a presentation that stands out from the competition and significantly enhance your chances of persuading potential customers.

Sales presentation

Pitch presentation

You only have 7 seconds to make a standout first impression – so our carefully crafted pitch decks allow you to make every second count.

We understand that your pitch needs to inspire confidence and trust – not just in your product or service, but also in yourself. Our expertise lies in crafting a presentation that delivers these results.

Pitch presentation

Product presentation

Communicating new or existing product developments is essential for businesses, particularly those reliant on their staff’s product knowledge for usage or sales.

At Halo Present, we focus on creating an experience that empowers users to navigate through content at their own pace, enabling them to immerse themselves in each intricate product detail.

Product presentation

Conference presentation

In a competitive event environment, every presentation becomes a powerful tool for making a lasting impact and effectively engaging with your target audience.

As an experienced specialist in event presentations we develop strategies that enable you to distinguish yourself from competitors, leaving a powerful and memorable impression.

Conference presentation

eLearning presentation

Interactive presentations have emerged as a powerful tool for eLearning, providing an effective and dynamic platform that enhances flexible learning and training for all.

Using our expertise, we focus on building an engaging interactive experience, leading to a higher retention rate and a more thorough understanding of the subject matter.

eLearning presentation

Presentation Partners

Every client is unique and comes to us at a different stage of their journey.

As a dedicated Presentation Partner, we’ll integrate seamlessly into your team, gaining a thorough understanding of all your presentation needs. The outcome is a collaborative partnership that not only saves you time and money but also delivers outstanding continuous results.

Benefits of a monthly subscription

  1. Lower rates
  2. Support provided for multiple teams
  3. Dedicated Account Manager
  4. Hours can be offset for any service
  5. Reduced admin
  6. Priority service support

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