Sara Symington

Case Study

Sara Symington, Head of Olympic & Paralympic Programmes at British Cycling, has had a dynamic career journey from police officer to performance director. Her path showcases unwavering determination, growth, and success, making her a profound source of inspiration in the sports industry.


Sara required a compelling presentation that not only highlighted her professional achievements but also effectively captured and conveyed the inspirational spirit of her story. It was crucial that the presentation resonated with a wide audience, especially targeting individuals at the beginning of their careers, and motivating them by showcasing a tangible example of what can be achieved with dedication and hard work.

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Our main focus was creating a clear narrative flow that would take the audience through Sara’s initial career as a police officer, her transition into the world of sports, her achievements and challenges within British Cycling, and her current role as the Head of Olympic & Paralympic Programmes. Each segment of her career needed to link seamlessly with key takeaways, aiming to motivate and inspire individuals facing their own career crossroads.


Initial Consultation and Storyboarding
The project kicked off with an in-depth discussion
with Sara to understand the nuances of her story
and the message she aimed to convey. This step
was crucial in laying down the storyboard that
would serve as the backbone of the presentation.

Personalisation and Storytelling
The core strategy was to place Sara at the heart
of the presentation. This approach meant crafting
a narrative that was both personal and universal.

By highlighting Sara’s challenges, decisions, and
achievements, the presentation aimed to illustrate
the journey of an individual overcoming obstacles
and realising their potential.


The presentation was received with enthusiasm and acclaim, resonating deeply with its intended audience. It served as a powerful motivational tool, encouraging individuals at the beginning of their careers to pursue their goals with determination and resilience. The project highlighted the importance of personal storytelling in inspiring others and demonstrated the impactful role of thoughtful design in bringing such stories to life.

“I wanted to say a big thank you to the team. Not only did you create a new and stylish brand identity for me, but also developed a stunning presentation that engaged my audience to a new level”

Sara Symington

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