Interactive eLearning

Bespoke learning

Digital training for your workforce

eLearning is a powerful tool that can be used in lots of different ways. From staff training, to interactive questionnaire’s, to online courses – eLearning presentations give you the flexibility to tailor the user’s experience to suit their individual goals. Our bespoke, interactive presentations are both intuitive and easy to navigate for the user making digital training a seamless part of your business.

eLearning has changed the landscape

Where once people squeezed into a crowded boardroom or travelled miles to a seminar for a training session, today remote workers only need to log-on and attend training presentations digitally.

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Truly revolutionary

Creating intuitive interactive experiences

We create slides that not only look engaging, but also develop a bespoke, interactive storytelling experience that is both intuitive and easy to navigate for the user.

With us supporting you, you’ll always be ahead of the eLearning curve.

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Our latest presentations


This is our favourite part of the process. Every presentation is unique and we love getting to know you and hearing about your project. Get in touch using our contact form or send us an email and we’ll book in a call to talk through your presentation and requirements in detail before we supply you with a cost estimate. It’s the start of the journey towards bringing your presentation to life and giving you the confidence to shine!

Absolutely! We love talking presentations, so drop us a line and we’ll arrange a time to talk to you about your requirements in detail. We’ll then take you through our presentation design service options and give our recommendation on which would suit you best.

There are so many variable factors involved, it’s impossible to give a definitive answer. That being said, we will always do our best to deliver within your timescales – even if they are super tight! So get in touch to discuss your presentation design requirements and we’ll work out a timing plan that suits everyone.

We completely understand the seriousness of sharing sensitive data. So let us put your minds at rest, we always ask for an NDA as soon as a project is agreed and will make sure it is signed and sent back to you prior to any work taking place. We can even sign one before your initial consultation if you’d prefer. When the work has commenced, we make sure your presentation files are saved in a secure location which only those working on them will have access to.

The nature of the work is such that every presentation is completely unique, so there isn’t a one-size-fits-all cost estimate. We review each project individually so that we can give you an estimate that is accurate and fair – we are called HALO after all!

Of course! Working with brand guidelines (no matter how comprehensive!) is second nature to us. We use our knowledge and expertise to turn your raw content into a compelling presentation that is on brand, whilst also telling a story that captivates.

We sure can! The majority of presentations that we create are in PowerPoint, however we know that Google Slides, Prezi and Keynote all have their place too and we are more than happy to design within these programs. Whatever the software, we guarantee that you will come away with a presentation that is tailored to you and gives you the confidence to shine.

Once we have worked our magic, we will send your presentation back to you in whichever file format you need, ensuring that it is fully editable (text and images).