Creating PowerPoint presentations that captivate

Time to shine

Creating PowerPoint presentations that captivate

Time to shine

Building experiences that inspire

Whether you’re looking for a fully designed pitch deck for investors, a business plan presentation, a marketing or product presentation, HALO Present can give you the tools you need to engage your audience whilst giving you the power to deliver with confidence.

It’s presentation time. You’re good to go, right?

Have another look. You see, your presentation should be more than an endless list of stats and facts. It should tell a story. This is your opportunity to inspire, captivate and inform everyone with your big ideas, but does your presentation support what YOU have to say?

This is why having confidence in your presentation has never been so important.

We give you the power to make your point

We give you the power to make your point

PowerPoint seems to have been around forever. It’s helped millions deliver presentations. But only a handful of people know how to use it to its full potential. At HALO Present, we can get the very best out of this incredible tool. We know how to embrace its flexibility and creativity to craft beautifully simple and engaging slides, that support your story.

The result? Complete and utter confidence.

Goodbye nerves,
HALO confidence

We get it. Presenting isn’t the most natural of experiences, everybody could do with a helping hand from time to time. That’s why we’ve created The HALO Process. Four steps, four ways we can empower you to deliver your story with absolute confidence.

It starts with you

Forget what’s on the screen. You should be the main focus of the presentation. We’ll delve deep and extract your uniqueness so that we can bring YOU into the spotlight.

Build the story

We’ll focus on building each slide, so it communicates a well-structured, clear and compelling narrative that engages and ignites interest with your audience.

Bring it together

We’ll then finesse the presentation so you’re 100% comfortable with everything. Because if you’re happy, your audience will be too.

Time to shine

You’ve rehearsed, tweaked, and planned everything. Now it’s time to showcase your presentation to your audience. Your spotlight is waiting.

Your moment to shine

Let HALO Present be your presentation co-pilot, giving you the confidence to deliver a powerful and persuasive presentation. We give you the ability to deliver your message clearly, so that what your audience sees complements what you have to say.

The spoken word and visual support working in perfect harmony.

Find your solution

Presentation Creation

Discover how to captivate your audience with an engaging visual experience.

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eLearning Presentations

Stimulate and educate with bespoke, interactive storytelling experiences, wherever you are.

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Slide Regeneration

Give your slides the TLC they need to get your message across in the most creative way.

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Template Creation

Successful presentations all need solid foundations. We give you the tools so you can create your own story.

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This is our favourite part of the process. Every presentation is unique and we love getting to know you and hearing about your project. Get in touch using our contact form or send us an email and we’ll book in a call to talk through your presentation and requirements in detail before we supply you with a cost estimate. It’s the start of the journey towards bringing your presentation to life and giving you the confidence to shine!

Absolutely! We love talking presentations, so drop us a line and we’ll arrange a time to talk to you about your requirements in detail. We’ll then take you through our presentation design service options and give our recommendation on which would suit you best.

There are so many variable factors involved, it’s impossible to give a definitive answer. That being said, we will always do our best to deliver within your timescales – even if they are super tight! So get in touch to discuss your presentation design requirements and we’ll work out a timing plan that suits everyone.

We completely understand the seriousness of sharing sensitive data. So let us put your minds at rest, we always ask for an NDA as soon as a project is agreed and will make sure it is signed and sent back to you prior to any work taking place. We can even sign one before your initial consultation if you’d prefer. When the work has commenced, we make sure your presentation files are saved in a secure location which only those working on them will have access to.

The nature of the work is such that every presentation is completely unique, so there isn’t a one-size-fits-all cost estimate. We review each project individually so that we can give you an estimate that is accurate and fair – we are called HALO after all!

Of course! Working with brand guidelines (no matter how comprehensive!) is second nature to us. We use our knowledge and expertise to turn your raw content into a compelling presentation that is on brand, whilst also telling a story that captivates.

We sure can! The majority of presentations that we create are in PowerPoint, however we know that Google Slides, Prezi and Keynote all have their place too and we are more than happy to design within these programs. Whatever the software, we guarantee that you will come away with a presentation that is tailored to you and gives you the confidence to shine.

Once we have worked our magic, we will send your presentation back to you in whichever file format you need, ensuring that it is fully editable (text and images).